New Writing 9/29/21 – 10/25/21

133 “The Treehouse” – (Yellow Mama) – revenge is tabled until an unexpected visitor is dealt with

132 “Custodian” – (Bristol Noir) – a revenge tale including a history lesson of how things were handled in the old west.

131 “Descartes’ Demon” – (Expat Press) – an essay about ruptured brain aneurysm recovery

130 “The Conscience Round” (Fenechty Publishing Anthology) – a firing squad participant reconciles with his assignment

129 “You Are The Duke A#1” – (Daily Drunk) – how the film Escape from New York has continued to be a reference.

128 “The Bodysnatcher” (Mystery Tribune) – a roadie for a jazz musician must deal with the aftermath of a robbery.