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Books – Fiction

The Pale Horse – Close to the Bone (Forthcoming)

There’s Something at the Door: A Collection – (Next Chapter)

A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge: A Collection – (Next Chapter)

Range – (Next Chapter)

Further Beyond – Next Chapter 

From Beyond – (Next Chapter)

The Leprechaun Violence Conjecture and Other Stories – (Alien Buddha Press)

Leviathan Rising – (Alien Buddha Press)

No One Runs Faster Than a Bullet – (Close to the Bone)

Dig Two Graves – (Close to the Bone)

The Vig (Book 4 in the McGill/Gropper series) – (Next Chapter)

The Posting Method – (Book 3 in the Gropper/McGill series) – (Next Chapter)

Ouroboros – (Book 2 in the McGill/Gropper series) – (All Due Respect Books)

Pavement – (Book 1 in the McGill/Gropper series) – (All Due Respect Books)

Books – Nonfiction

The Second Act – Next Chapter (Forthcoming)

Davie: A Collection – (Amazon)

Honing the Blade – (Amazon)

Useless Knowledge? A collection of essays -(Amazon)

Playing With House Money: An Addendum for Land of Allusions – (Amazon)

Land of Allusions: A Memoir – (Amazon)

The Accuracy of Third Eye Blind – (Daily Drunk Chapbook)

Short Stories/Essays/CNF


138 “Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor” – (Drunk Monkeys) (Forthcoming)


137 “Dawning of the Knuckle Duster” – (Punk Noir Magazine) (Audio)

136 “Depth Charge” – (Pulp Modern)

135 “Three Little Pigs” – (Yellow Mama)


134 “Failure Drill” – (Bristol Noir)

133 “The Treehouse” – (Yellow Mama)

132 “Custodian” – (Bristol Noir)

131 “Descartes’ Demon” – (Expat Press)

130 “The Conscience Round” (Fenechty Publishing Anthology)

129 “You Are The Duke A#1” – (Daily Drunk)

128 “The Bodysnatcher” (Mystery Tribune)

127 “The Beach Lane 2” – (Daily Drunk)

126 “The Golem” – Bristol Noir Anthology 1 (Bristol Noir)

125 “Primer” – (Shotgun Honey)

124 “Exit” – (Bristol Noir)

123 “Sometimes They Wouldn’t Go Away” – (Close to the Bone)

122 “Val Kilmer’s Elbow: The Dialectics Part II” – (Daily Drunk)

121 “The Four Horsemen” – (Daily Drunk)

120 “Alternate ’85 Part 2” – (Alien Buddha Press Goes Pop)

119 “Land of Some Other Order” – (Pulp Modern)

118 “My War” – (Daily Drunk)

117 “The Van Damned – (Daily Drunk)

116 “Houdini” – (Daily Drunk)

115 “Abject Permanence” – (The Chamber Magazine)

114 “Hustle” – (Daily Drunk)

113 “Crendain” – (Daily Drunk)

112 “A Little Something for the Good Boy” – (Daily Drunk)

111 “I Invoke Law 7” (Daily Drunk)

110 “Shanghaied in Penang” (Daily Drunk)

109 “Goldeneye” (Nostalgic AF A Daily Drunk Video Game Anthology)

108 “L Weird Al, Dexter, and Greg Graphing,” – (Daily Drunk)

107 “Dread Medicine” – (Aesthetic: A Dark Academia Anthology)

106 “Cookie Clicker Conjecture” – (Daily Drunk)

105 “Intrinsic Value or Vitamin K” – (Daily Drunk)

104 “Forlorn Hope” – (Punk Noir Magazine)

103 “A Little Lagniappe” – (Daily Drunk)

102 “Elephant Tights 2: Electric Boogaloo” – (Daily Drunk)

101 “Show Me Your Tong Po” – (Daily Drunk)

100 “Cinematic Equivalence” – (Punk Noir Magazine)

99 “Doom” – (Daily Drunk)

98 “Perfect” – (Daily Drunk)

97 “Euclid’s Bloodsport” – (Punk Noir Magazine)

96 “Instruction Creep” (Daily Drunk)

95 “It’s 106 Miles to Chicago” (Daily Drunk)

94 “Tales of a Middle School Nothing” (Daily Drunk)

93 “Shoot” (Daily Drunk)

92 “Comfortably Numb” (HOPE Magazine)

91 “A Fistful of Faceful” (Daily Drunk)

90 “Rooftop Kung Fu” (Daily Drunk)

89 “Unfettered” – (Pulp Modern) Audio Version (Pulp Modern)

88 “A Rose by any Other Name” – (Daily Drunk)

87 “Haircut 100” – (Daily Drunk)

86 “The Pale Horse Cantors” – (Bristol Noir)

85 “The Sport of Kings…” (Daily Drunk)

84 “Yut Ga Fe M’Goi” (Daily Drunk)

83 “The Second to Last Dragon” (Daily Drunk)

82 “Out of Step” (Daily Drunk)

81 “Three Flavors of Vanilla Ice” (Daily Drunk)

80 “A Pocketful of Awesome” (Daily Drunk)

79 “The Pale Horse Gallups” (Bristol Noir)

78 “High Sixes Against A Milpool…” (Daily Drunk)

77 “La Bete” (Daily Drunk)


76 ” El Humo” (Daily Drunk)

75 “The Left Hand That Drills Intestines” (Daily Drunk)

74 “The Seagrams Golden Wine Cooler Declaration” (Daily Drunk)

73 “Elephant Tights” (Daily Drunk)

72 “N64 Goldeneye” (Daily Drunk)

71 “The Pale Horse Trots” (Bristol Noir)

70 “Lord Stanley’s Mug” (Close to the Bone)

69 “D–ks out for Harambe” (Daily Drunk)

68 “N64 All-Star Baseball ’99” (Daily Drunk)

67 “A Throw of the Die” (Bristol Noir)

66 “Perennial (All Due Respect Books Anthology)

65 “Elvis Played The Cow Palace” (HOPE Magazine)

64 “Nifty Package” (The Daily Drunk)

63 “With Gun, During Violence” (Bristol Noir)

62 “Mayonnaise, The Bastard” (Shotgun Honey)

61 “The Only Time Fun Comes Before Work…” (The Daily Drunk)

60 “The Pale Horse Rides” (Bristol Noir)

59 “Cleaning Your Own Rabbit” (The Daily Drunk)

58 “Pazuzu’s Petals” (The Daily Drunk)

57 “Saddle the Pale Horse” (Bristol Noir)

56 “Notes in the Margins of Modal Logic” (The Daily Drunk)

55 “You Don’t Park 400 Horses on the Street” (The Daily Drunk)

54 “Wookin Pa Nub” (The Daily Drunk)

53 “Excerpts of an Analysis of the Jane Biehn Theory” (The Daily Drunk)

52 “Minutes from the Band Meeting of Iron Mantis” (The Daily Drunk)

51 “Behold the Pale Horse” – (Bristol Noir)

50 “Celluloid Lessons from the Steven Seagal film The Glimmer Man” (The Daily Drunk)

49 “Snow Blind: The Original Concept for Daredevil” (The Daily Drunk)

48 “Escalation” (Close to the Bone)

47 “The Golem” (Bristol Noir)

46 “Sissy Fish” (Fresh.Ink)

45 “Perennial” (All Due Respect)

44 “Living in the Gleam of an Unsheathed Sword” (Alternative Apocalypse) Also available as an audiobook.


43 “Pantomath” (Soft Cartel)

42 “Bugs” (The Airgonaut)

41 “On Muddy Waters, Anthology” (RS500)

40 “Mourning Becomes Eclectic” (Five:2:One)


39 “An Aneurysm is Nothing Like the Song by the Band Nirvana” – All Due Respect Books

38 “Alternate ’85” (DecomP)

37 “Informal Fallacy” (Furtive Dalliance)

36 “Gray Matters” (Asymmetry)

35 “On Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin 2” (RS500)

34 “The Dialectics of Val Kilmer’s Elbow” (Five:2:One)

33 “William Faulkner’s Cannibal Holocaust” (Riggwelter Press)

32 “Fiend Folio” (Bloody Key Society)

31 “is Machine ill” (Five:2:One)

30 “Prolific: The Obituary of Jack O’Brien” (FLAPPERHOUSE)

29 “Nicolas Cage is Field Artillery” (The Dirty Pool)


28 “Conversions of Context” (The Airgonaut)

27 “Balloon” (Black Heart Magazine)

26 “On Cream’s Wheels of Fire” (RS500)

25 “Liner Notes” (Five:2:One)

24 “Living in the Gleam of an Unsheathed Sword” (Thebreakroomstories)

23 “Excerpt From The Diary of Ingmar Bergman” (The Airgonaut)

22 “On The New York Dolls New York Dolls” (RS500)

21 “Praetorian” (Halfway Down the Stairs)

20 “The Monster Study” (FLAPPERHOUSE)

19 “Post-Modern Prometheus” (The Airgonaut)

18 “David Cronenberg’s Snow White” (Gingerbread House) – Pushcart prize nominee

17 “Mad Still” (Mystery Weekly)

16 “Last Caress of Hybrid Molemen” (Crack the Spine)


15 “Sheet Music” (Easy Street)

14 “Scarecrow” (Dark Fire Fiction)

13 “His Teeth Did Brightly Shine” (Corvus Review)

12 “Circuitous Roots” (Pidgeonholes)

11 “Behemoth” (Riding Light)

10 “Mayonnaise, The Bastard,” (Foliate Oak)

9 “The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull” (Easy Street)


8 “Furry” (Drunk Monkeys)

7 “The Son of Lee Van Cleef” (LitroNY)

6 “The Conscience Round” (Crack the Spine)

5 “The Beaten Zone” (Menacing Hedge)


4 “Sissy Fish” (Necessary Fiction)


3 “The Iron Harvest” (The South Dakota Review)

2 “The Solitude of Fortress” (A River and Sound Review)


1 “The Leprechaun Violence Conjecture” (Bartleby Snopes)