Radio Silence

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been back in school, so I haven’t been submitted as much. I will have some more fiction that will be releasing within the next few months, I think… I’m not sure of the dates, but I’ll definitely keep you in the loop. In the meantime, I’m still writing. I hope you are all well.

Crossover promo and interview

We just posted episode 9 of a show I co-host called Happy Hour with Heather and Guest. We discuss contemporary bands, have interviews, make recommendations, and more:

Also, this is a podcast on which I was a guest.

You can click the interviews and publicity section on the main page of my website to check out any of the others shows on which I’ve been a guest.

Have a happy holiday and new year!

New Writing 9/29/21 – 10/25/21

133 “The Treehouse” – (Yellow Mama) – revenge is tabled until an unexpected visitor is dealt with

132 “Custodian” – (Bristol Noir) – a revenge tale including a history lesson of how things were handled in the old west.

131 “Descartes’ Demon” – (Expat Press) – an essay about ruptured brain aneurysm recovery

130 “The Conscience Round” (Fenechty Publishing Anthology) – a firing squad participant reconciles with his assignment

129 “You Are The Duke A#1” – (Daily Drunk) – how the film Escape from New York has continued to be a reference.

128 “The Bodysnatcher” (Mystery Tribune) – a roadie for a jazz musician must deal with the aftermath of a robbery.

New Writing 9/5/21-9/28/21

127 “The Beach Lane 2” – (Daily Drunk) – reminiscing time shooting independent films with friends

126 “The Golem” – Bristol Noir Anthology 1 (Bristol Noir) – A shady business executive gets more than he bargained for.

125 “Primer” – (Shotgun Honey) – a grieving widower takes revenge?

124 “Exit” – (Bristol Noir) – a corrupt transit cop makes an arrangement.

123 “Sometimes They Wouldn’t Go Away” – (Close to the Bone) – a murderer deals with some unfortunate circumstances

122 “Val Kilmer’s Elbow: The Dialectics Part II” – (Daily Drunk) – examining the film Rambo: First Blood, Part 2 and its place in the multiverse.