New Writing 9/29/21 – 10/25/21

133 “The Treehouse” – (Yellow Mama) – revenge is tabled until an unexpected visitor is dealt with

132 “Custodian” – (Bristol Noir) – a revenge tale including a history lesson of how things were handled in the old west.

131 “Descartes’ Demon” – (Expat Press) – an essay about ruptured brain aneurysm recovery

130 “The Conscience Round” (Fenechty Publishing Anthology) – a firing squad participant reconciles with his assignment

129 “You Are The Duke A#1” – (Daily Drunk) – how the film Escape from New York has continued to be a reference.

128 “The Bodysnatcher” (Mystery Tribune) – a roadie for a jazz musician must deal with the aftermath of a robbery.

New Writing 9/5/21-9/28/21

127 “The Beach Lane 2” – (Daily Drunk) – reminiscing time shooting independent films with friends

126 “The Golem” – Bristol Noir Anthology 1 (Bristol Noir) – A shady business executive gets more than he bargained for.

125 “Primer” – (Shotgun Honey) – a grieving widower takes revenge?

124 “Exit” – (Bristol Noir) – a corrupt transit cop makes an arrangement.

123 “Sometimes They Wouldn’t Go Away” – (Close to the Bone) – a murderer deals with some unfortunate circumstances

122 “Val Kilmer’s Elbow: The Dialectics Part II” – (Daily Drunk) – examining the film Rambo: First Blood, Part 2 and its place in the multiverse.

New Writing 7/29 – 9/4

121 “The Four Horsemen” – (Daily Drunk) – groups who have used the moniker of The Four Horsemen

120 “Alternate ’85 Part 2” – (Alien Buddha Press Goes Pop) – a sequel to a previous story in which different people directed Back to the Future.

119 “Land of Some Other Order” – (Pulp Modern) – an examination of Kanun, blood feud, in Albania

118 “My War” – (Daily Drunk) – Karaoke experiences at home and abroad

117 “The Van Damned – (Daily Drunk) – all of my experiences playing music.

116 “Houdini” – (Daily Drunk) – adopting a cat in college and the circumstances surrounding that.

New Writing 7/3/21-7/28/21

Serialized Story

Pinback (Kindle Vella) – The first few installments of a Sci Fi private investigator looking for a missing person.

Short Stories

“Abject Permanence” – (The Chamber Magazine) – science fiction/horror about a musician with OCD.

“Hustle” – (Daily Drunk) – learning about the way the world really works.

“Crendain” – (Daily Drunk) – Another adventure with the roommates in college.

“A Little Something for the Good Boy” – (Daily Drunk) – reminiscing about evenings watching movies with my friend and his dog.

New Writing 6/1/21-7/2/21


Leviathan Rising (Alien Buddha Press) – A murder investigation on the film set of Jaws.

Land of Allusions (Amazon) – my memoir about dating, jobs, OCD, and a ruptured brain aneurysm

Short Stories

111 “I Invoke Law 7” (Daily Drunk) – House rules when I lived with roommates in college

110 “Shanghaied in Penang” (Daily Drunk) – a minor fender bender in Malaysia

109 “Goldeneye” (Nostalgic AF A Daily Drunk Video Game Anthology) – revisiting Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64

108 “L Weird Al, Dexter, and Greg Graphing,” – (Daily Drunk) – analyzing musicians who also have doctorate degrees

107 “Dread Medicine” – (Aesthetic: A Dark Academia Anthology) – a psychologist is challenged at a new job

106 “Cookie Clicker Conjecture” – (Daily Drunk) – reflecting on the philosophy of a computer game

105 “Intrinsic Value or Vitamin K” – (Daily Drunk) – adventures while recovering from a ruptured brain aneurysm

104 “Forlorn Hope” – (Punk Noir Magazine) – desperate people try to get by during The Great Depression

New Writing 4/24/21 – 5/31/21

103 “A Little Lagniappe” – (Daily Drunk) About an time at a casino in Mississippi

102 “Elephant Tights 2: Electric Boogaloo” – (Daily Drunk) More experiences with mondegreens

101 “Show Me Your Tong Po” – (Daily Drunk) A one act play I wrote, designed, and directed in college

100 “Cinematic Equivalence” – (Punk Noir Magazine) Reflections about some countries I visited while living in Macau

99 “Doom” – (Daily Drunk) My preferred genre of heavy metal music

98 “Perfect” – (Daily Drunk) Watching David Cone’s perfect game at a casino in Connecticut

97 “Euclid’s Bloodsport” – (Punk Noir Magazine) Reflections of the film Bloodsport

Interview ACTV A Conversation with Alec Cisak A conversation about writing and more

New Writing (Book)

The Accuracy of Third Eye Blind is available as a free PDF download from the Daily Drunk. The chapbook is about how the titles of the songs on Third Eye Blind’s debut album predicted the major events of my life from 2010 onward. I thought I would post about this separately than new short story news. It’s a good companion piece to my upcoming memoir.

New Writing 2/22/21 – 3/30/21

“Unfettered” – (Pulp Modern) a samurai tries to rid the countryside from a bandit

“Comfortably Numb” (HOPE Magazine) more ruminations about ruptured brain aneurysm recovery

“Shoot” (Daily Drunk) contemplating professional wrestling among other things

“A Fistful of Faceful” (Daily Drunk) an analysis of my podcast in which I play heavy metal music

“Rooftop Kung Fu” (Daily Drunk) the search for a kung fu film

“A Rose by any Other Name” – (Daily Drunk) some of my experiences playing in “bands”

“Haircut 100” – (Daily Drunk) about a trip to Las Vegas with some extended family.

New Writing 1/1/21-2/21/21

“The Pale Horse Cantors” – (Bristol Noir) Story number six in the Owen Shrike saga

“The Pale Horse Gallups” (Bristol Noir) Story number five in the Owen Shrike saga

“The Sport of Kings…” (Daily Drunk) my experiences at the racetrack in Hong Kong

“Yut Ga Fe M’Goi” (Daily Drunk) my experience taking the metro and ordering coffee in Hong Kong

“The Second to Last Dragon” (Daily Drunk) the time I helped actor/martial artist Taimak break up a fight

“Out of Step” (Daily Drunk) continuing to recover from a ruptured brain aneurysm during the pandemic

“Three Flavors of Vanilla Ice” (Daily Drunk) some middle school teaching experiences

“A Pocketful of Awesome” (Daily Drunk) creating an internet cartoon during my time working for a theater company

“High Sixes Against A Milpool…” (Daily Drunk) totaling my then girlfriend’s father’s car

“La Bete” (Daily Drunk) commuting to work at a brokerage firm with a colleague