New Writing 1/1/21-2/21/21

“The Pale Horse Cantors” – (Bristol Noir) Story number six in the Owen Shrike saga

“The Pale Horse Gallups” (Bristol Noir) Story number five in the Owen Shrike saga

“The Sport of Kings…” (Daily Drunk) my experiences at the racetrack in Hong Kong

“Yut Ga Fe M’Goi” (Daily Drunk) my experience taking the metro and ordering coffee in Hong Kong

“The Second to Last Dragon” (Daily Drunk) the time I helped actor/martial artist Taimak break up a fight

“Out of Step” (Daily Drunk) continuing to recover from a ruptured brain aneurysm during the pandemic

“Three Flavors of Vanilla Ice” (Daily Drunk) some middle school teaching experiences

“A Pocketful of Awesome” (Daily Drunk) creating an internet cartoon during my time working for a theater company

“High Sixes Against A Milpool…” (Daily Drunk) totaling my then girlfriend’s father’s car

“La Bete” (Daily Drunk) commuting to work at a brokerage firm with a colleague

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