New Writing 9/5/21-9/28/21

127 “The Beach Lane 2” – (Daily Drunk) – reminiscing time shooting independent films with friends

126 “The Golem” – Bristol Noir Anthology 1 (Bristol Noir) – A shady business executive gets more than he bargained for.

125 “Primer” – (Shotgun Honey) – a grieving widower takes revenge?

124 “Exit” – (Bristol Noir) – a corrupt transit cop makes an arrangement.

123 “Sometimes They Wouldn’t Go Away” – (Close to the Bone) – a murderer deals with some unfortunate circumstances

122 “Val Kilmer’s Elbow: The Dialectics Part II” – (Daily Drunk) – examining the film Rambo: First Blood, Part 2 and its place in the multiverse.

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