January and February Recap

The last two months saw the release of the following books:

Leviathan Rising (The Kindle version) from Alien Buddha Press

Someone is screwing the shark. Viet Nam vet Rook is an expert at finding and ending trouble. In the tradition of the best PIs, Rook has a sidekick. Accompanied by an invisible sidekick, Clarence, a nine-foot winged demon, bottom half man, top half goat, think Baphomet from the tarot cards, Rook is sent to the Martha Vineyard’s set of the film Jaws to solve the problems plaguing the production. A body stuffed in an artificial mechanical shark is just the beginning. In this funny, well-drawn noir, author Andrew Davie places Rook in a cultural swirl of the War, musicians, actors, screenwriters, and directors. Like Clarence, the reader is winged along for an entertaining ride


Further Beyond from Next Chapter Press

Twelve years ago, Phineas O’Hanlon – a mariner who ran and protected opium for a local triad “Three Finger Tang” during the aftermath of The Second Opium War – survived an attack from the living dead. He’s spent the last few years of his life attempting to discover the cause of the reanimation. While reading over a newly acquired journal from ancient Rome, O’Hanlon and his caretaker are visited by two law enforcement agents who have questions about them. As everyone’s past is revealed, and secrets uncovered, can O’Hanlon discover the reason behind the resurrection of the deceased and move on with his life?


Honing the Blade

My attempt to film a documentary about former professional boxer Iran “The Blade” Barkley in 2002-2003 and subsequent reflections.


Merchandise including mugs, scented candles t-shirts, and more for all Next Chapter books are also available:


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