New Writing 4/24/21 – 5/31/21

103 “A Little Lagniappe” – (Daily Drunk) About an time at a casino in Mississippi

102 “Elephant Tights 2: Electric Boogaloo” – (Daily Drunk) More experiences with mondegreens

101 “Show Me Your Tong Po” – (Daily Drunk) A one act play I wrote, designed, and directed in college

100 “Cinematic Equivalence” – (Punk Noir Magazine) Reflections about some countries I visited while living in Macau

99 “Doom” – (Daily Drunk) My preferred genre of heavy metal music

98 “Perfect” – (Daily Drunk) Watching David Cone’s perfect game at a casino in Connecticut

97 “Euclid’s Bloodsport” – (Punk Noir Magazine) Reflections of the film Bloodsport

Interview ACTV A Conversation with Alec Cisak A conversation about writing and more

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