New Writing 6/1/21-7/2/21


Leviathan Rising (Alien Buddha Press) – A murder investigation on the film set of Jaws.

Land of Allusions (Amazon) – my memoir about dating, jobs, OCD, and a ruptured brain aneurysm

Short Stories

111 “I Invoke Law 7” (Daily Drunk) – House rules when I lived with roommates in college

110 “Shanghaied in Penang” (Daily Drunk) – a minor fender bender in Malaysia

109 “Goldeneye” (Nostalgic AF A Daily Drunk Video Game Anthology) – revisiting Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64

108 “L Weird Al, Dexter, and Greg Graphing,” – (Daily Drunk) – analyzing musicians who also have doctorate degrees

107 “Dread Medicine” – (Aesthetic: A Dark Academia Anthology) – a psychologist is challenged at a new job

106 “Cookie Clicker Conjecture” – (Daily Drunk) – reflecting on the philosophy of a computer game

105 “Intrinsic Value or Vitamin K” – (Daily Drunk) – adventures while recovering from a ruptured brain aneurysm

104 “Forlorn Hope” – (Punk Noir Magazine) – desperate people try to get by during The Great Depression

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